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About Us

The magazine MN – Móveis em Notícia has been in the market for 25 years and is the only magazine specialized in the furniture, interior design, architecture and decoration sector in Portugal, encompassing the entire process from masterpiece and design, until reaching the final consumer.


We deal with the dissemination of the sector’s products, from the raw material to its transformation, right up to the consumer.


We seek to take the sector to every door in the world.


We want comfort to be a constant in your life.

Portuguese brands

Biomex: Cleaning and Treatment of Coatings
Dourodeck: Your solution for outdoor floors!
AMS – Leather & Textiles: Laguna Collection
Carmo Wood: Especial Jardins & Exteriores
Valditaro: Arch PL
Glammfire: Zarzuela
Gaveta Glamour: Office furniture special
X8 Solutions Group: De Portugal para o mundo
Carmo Wood responsável pela construção de novas villas no empreendimento West Cliffs, em Óbidos
Aldeco anuncia parceria com " Querido, mudei a casa"
TECHNAL apresenta nova gama de janelas e portas soleal next
Backhome | Cambalhota: Uma peça, duas versões

Design & Architecture

Less is more
The significance of an outdoor space
In harmony with nature
An encounter with nature
Innovative spirit and contemporary design
Inés Abramián: "It has been quite natural for me to study architecture”
João Morgado wins awards at the Muse Creative Awards
Patrizia Moroso: creative and innovatory spirit
The Dovecote-Granary
Photograph of the Marés Pool distinguishes in Los Angeles,João Morgado
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