Less is more

Less is more

Anabela Moreira | Interior Designer

Minimalist Design appeared around the 1960s and this style started growing with ever more personality and strength.

Nowadays, minimalist design is increasingly used, has become a trend for its simplicity and identity. Combining aesthetics with functionality is making spaces wither, brighter, and more functional.

Furniture will have major importance in space’s design, as it will have a big emphasis on the environment and due to its functionality, that should be multiple. Choose small objects – they must combine well and create harmony in light and soothing tones. But if you like atmospheres with certain highlights, you can match and add details in strong tones such as a decorative piece or a pillow as long as you don’t overdo it, not to lose the elegance of the room.

Who has not heard “Less is more”? This is the concept reflected in minimalist design, as simplicity balances an elegant and welcoming space.

When deciding the tones for your space, start by selecting a large piece, a focal piece, and from there create the links through the color palette.

The ideal will be two or three colors, never more. Harmony, peace, and simplicity will always be allies in decoration.