Cristina Archer |Interior architect

Minimalism, a cultural and artistic concept that emerged in the 20th century, inspired mainly by Japanese and Nordic culture, which stands out by stripping the superfluous giving primacy to the natural and focusing on what is essential to help free the mind and spirit.

Nowadays it is a very popular tendency that is gaining increasingly new adepts because the society is more and more attentive to the environment favouring the contact with Nature, the need for freedom and focus on the essential, namely detachment from material goods as opposed to unnecessary accumulation.

In the minimalist style “less is more”: by stripping, choosing clear materials and broadening the spaces that invite relaxation and mind organization – it is well known that ordered and clean spaces help concentration, balance and inner peace.

Communion with Nature through the use of straight lines furniture, light, unpretentious woods, neutral colours and plants in the decoration is also very important to create sober but sophisticated environments.

Emptier spaces are not necessarily less warm; the use of pleasant and cosy tones, light and good quality materials and points of light that helps to enlarge the space and give prominence to certain decorative elements such as vases, candlesticks, flowers or plants, will allow to create very peaceful and pleasant environments.

At this moment, the situation we are going through offers us the opportunity to make changes in our house by taking the chance to highlight pieces with more meaning and freeing us from what we don’t need, clearing the spaces and contributing to the increase of comfort and inner well-being.