Domenico Gioia

Domenico Gioia


Which words describe better EDNIS? And why?
Excellence, efficiency and sustainability: these are the words which describe better the mission of the brand EDNIS. Excellence in the quality of the products created and tested to offer an experience of comfort and wellness, which has a positive reflect in the quality of life of our clients. Many studies showed up the importance of sleeping for our psychophysical health and for better living in our day-by-day, for our work and personal relationships becoming unique and unrepeatable. That is why we use high standards raw materials, in a mix of tradition and innovation: this way to operate gives us 27 comfort solutions, good for the different needs of our clients. However, to differentiate products and technologies requires efficiency in our production processes, with the adoption of best practice between the different
productive areas of the company and the control of the entire production chain. This is possible because of the vertical integration of Aquinos Group, which EDNIS belongs. Finally, the sustainability, which is in the roots of EDNIS, in its DNA. It is a strong connection with his own territory, from which the company takes inspiration, strength and solidity. Implementing this deep respect for environment in the entire productive chain has been a natural process. In the upcoming months, we will develop a new collection using eco-friendly materials and this action will be accompanied by a social project.

Why is EDNIS different from other brands of this sector?
As said, one of the distinctive elements of EDNIS is the vertical integration. Actually, the company produces over 60% of the raw materials used in our collections: from pocket-springs to nano-springs, from technic foams to polyester fibres, we always try to guarantee the origin of the raw materials even before the final product. However, the real secret of EDNIS is to give value to what it really matters: people! Nothing is possible without the passion and dedication of people working in this company. Each product we manufacture has the handprints, breath, emotions and passion of the people who shaped it. This know-how is transmitted from generation to generation, with a continuous updating of the knowledge developed in almost 50 years of activity.

Which are the biggest challenges you find in your daily life, being the Sales Director?
The biggest challenge is to fix strategical objectives in line with the variability of the market, but also measured on our own instruments, resources and human capital available. It is an alternation of internal and external challenges. On one side, we have the work with the different areas of the company, to make the organization effective, easy and dynamic. Delegate to convey motivations, work team involvement and creating fast decisional processes. On the other side, there is a market that involves continuously; it is very important to develop a strong sensibility to changes, because in this way we can transform potential risks in growth opportunities. A continuous collaboration with our sales and distributors network, based on a mutual trust, first human and then also professional, is very important to have a fast and clear feedback on where the market is going. Their success is our success, so we have to transmit to our partners the idea that we make our choices for a common interest.

Talking about the brand expansion, what are the major markets in which you operate?
Today, the brand EDNIS is present in France with over 100 retailers and in Portugal with the specialized shops ColchaoNet. Considering the project started in early 2018, we are very satisfied, at the moment.

Still about the previous question, which is the principal market? And why?
It is for sure France and for two reasons. First, because we can count on a very deep knowledge of the market, since Aquinos Group operates there for more than 30 years. Besides being the supplier for the most important companies in the furniture/padded market, today the Group is directly involved in the territory after purchasing a company called Gruhier and, most recently, the H&F Group (Home and Furniture), with offices in Poland, China and Hong Kong. Second, for the positive results of the project, it has been very important the perseverance and professional knowledge of our France Sales Director, Mr. Philippe Cessat, who has been working in this area for over 40 years and has a very good team. This combination gave us the chance to offer the right mix of quality, design and technology. In this way we are able to respond to the market demand and we have the confidence of the French consumer, who generally prefers brands or products Made in France.

Which is the market positioning you expect for your brand?
EDNIS is positioning itself as a premium but at the same time also accessible or easy brand, ideal for a client with the awareness that the quality of sleeping depends on the quality of the mattress and on the entire bed system. In other words, EDNIS proposes itself as a specialist all in one, with the object to offer a total wellness and a personalized comfort experience, in agree with our pay-off “Sleep inspired by you”. This inspiration comes from the knowledge of our body and the cycles that govern our daytime, from the researches on the circadian rhythm. EDNIS made treasure of this knowledge to design its products in order to accompany sleep in its various phases, with the promise of improving the quality of life of our client, because sleeping well is important, but living well during the whole day it is still better.

Which are the future projects to give continuity to this brand evolution?
For 2020, the objective is to be present in markets like Spain, Italy, Benelux and Germany. In order: in January, we will be with our own stand to the IMM fair in Koln; in February, we will start with the distribution of our products in Spain, followed by Italy. Anyway, the project has been developed on a medium-long term period, with a business plan oriented to 2030. Our clear ambition, until there, is to become a Global Brand and a reference for the market.