VULCANO – Introducing the new range of condensing boilers

The new condensing boilers Aquastar Connect and Eurostar Connect are the future and bring with them the best design, technology and savings

Vulcano, Portuguese brand leader in hot water and solar thermal solutions, has just launched two new ranges of condensing boilers – Aquastar Connect and Eurostar Connect.
The Aquastar Connect range is an equipment that stands out for being modern and attractive, with the presence of a digital display and horizontal connections. In terms of use, Aquastar Connect features an improved colour display, descriptive text in Portuguese and touch buttons, which makes it easier to use. This silent and intuitive boiler features a modulation up to 1:8 that leads to greater gas savings, as well as higher A.Q.S. outputs.
This differentiated model is equipped with a burner with an air/gas premix system, a modulating fan and low CO2 and NOx emissions, reinforcing the importance Vulcano attaches to environmental issues.
The Eurostar Connect range is the perfect example of how to combine comfort and economy, and its small size and high level of silence allow it to be installed in any kitchen cabinet.
Eurostar Connect is characterised by 1:10 modulation for greater savings in gas consumption, and it stands out for its versatility where there is compatibility with new installations or for replacement installations. In addition to the aforementioned, there is the advantage of the enormous ease of installation and maintenance of this range, which can be carried out by a single professional due to easy front access and removable side panels.
Both ranges have intelligent features in the equipment, such as, for example, the possibility of Wi-Fi connectivity, easy installation and use. Additionally, they are equipped with the latest technologies to increase the level of savings and feature a stylish design, suitable for any kitchen.

“We believe that this new generation will revolutionise the market through the perfect combination of innovation and unique design. With the new ranges of condensing boilers – Aquastar Connect and Eurostar Connect – Vulcano meets the needs of the Portuguese and presents a range that is easy to use and provides high comfort, while presenting high levels of energy efficiency,” says Nadi Batalha, Vulcano Marketing Coordinator.
Vulcano understands that being more intelligent is part of the evolution and, therefore, intends to create solutions which contribute for a bigger comfort and saving of the Portuguese.