Hotels rely on Geberit to offer their customers exceptional bathrooms

Geberit in hotel bathrooms: a unique experience for customers and numerous benefits for the property.

Hotels rely on Geberit to offer their customers exceptional bathrooms

Offering customers a dream bathroom experience depends not only on the design of the room, but also on the elements with which the bathroom is equipped.

From globally operating hotel chains to small boutique hotels, all hotel establishments know that bathrooms are a fundamental part of the experience they offer their customers. For this reason, more and more accommodations are choosing to equip their bathrooms with innovative, quality solutions offered by companies like Geberit, a specialist in sanitary porcelain and bathroom technology.


One of the most annoying situations in hotel rooms is noise from adjoining rooms. It goes without saying that good soundproofing is essential for guests’ well-being. However, it is also important that the facilities are quiet. To avoid noise in the bathroom every time a guest “flushes” after using the toilet, there is nothing better than an indoor toilet with silent mechanisms and soundproof joints that prevent the transmission of noise-causing vibrations. Geberit’s indoor cisterns, available in a wide range, are the quietest on the market and are just below established acoustic ranges. This ensures peace of mind and rest for users.

In addition, many hotel owners choose Geberit solutions because they ensure that the bathrooms in their hotels also meet their customers’ expectations in terms of aesthetics and innovative design. Geberit solutions include suspended toilets and indoor flushing cisterns, as well as flush plates and carefully designed bathroom series that offer an elegant and very attractive aesthetic. And if the property is looking to offer even more comfort and innovation, it can opt for the range of bidet toilets or other revolutionary solutions such as floor-standing shower drainage through the wall or the very quiet and effective odour elimination system of the toilet itself.

Hotels rely on Geberit to offer their customers exceptional bathrooms


Rimfree toilets without a flange on the inside, easy-to-clean finishes on toilet flush plates, sanitary porcelain with a special dirt-repellent finish, suspended toilets and furniture, indoor flushes that use only 2 liters of water for a half flush or 3.5-4 liters for a full flush. Geberit solutions are sustainable, highly hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain. In this way, hotel owners not only save on water and cleaning products, but also on cleaning time, thus lowering the daily maintenance costs of their facilities.


However, fantastic aesthetics in a hotel bathroom would be of no use without total reliability in the daily operation of its elements. In this respect, users and owners are also very satisfied with Geberit. The users, because they find quality bathrooms without problems in use. Hotel professionals, on the other hand, because Geberit is a guarantee of durability and its bathroom solutions offer total reliability. In addition, they are very satisfied with the support and advice they receive from the company, both during the process of building or renovating bathrooms and with subsequent customer service. And all this is backed up by more than 55 years of experience and more than 70 million indoor flushes worldwide.

Hotels rely on Geberit to offer their customers exceptional bathrooms