Salone del Mobile Milano 2022

60 years spent in the pursuit of commitment, quality and innovation and, now more than ever, environmental and social responsibility. The Salone may be celebrating a milestone, but it’s not standing still: the new challenges lie in fleshing out a vision of the furnishing system that, of necessity, is more ethical and aware – design that besides being functional and good-looking is also capable of engendering conditions and spaces for wellness, refuge and inclusion.

The Salone del Mobile.Milano is – finally and once again – on the starting blocks. This 60th edition will make wonderful things happen at a time and in a world that is fickle, impulsive and fast, in a society seeking fixed points and (re)covery. Conscious that it has to be a time, a place and a tool for thinking together around the generative capacity of design and the social and political role of the furnishing system as a whole, the Salone is back live in its most complete form. Reaffirming the even greater importance of meeting, of discussion, of dialogue in real life than digitally. Aiming to be a unique and unmissable occasion, generating sharing and circularity and welcoming cultures and human beings. Thus it is (re)asserting itself as a global event, the linchpin of a virtuous system with its roots in Milan but projected throughout the world, generating quality, relationships, business opportunities and creative paths that reflect positively on all our lives (and homes). 60 years not just as a showcase for excellence but, today especially, for necessary and responsible design with man and nature at the centre. An edition that has been built collectively around fundamental trains of thought and work: the opportunities and responsibility of design, inclusion and environmental responsibility, demand for and the culture of design.

Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, had this to say: “Putting together this edition of the trade fair has been a powerfully emotional experience, given its extraordinary symbolic dimension: it is narrating sixty years of history and marking a new point of departure for our sector. We were keen to invest in the physical presence and even more in openness to the whole world, enabling all the actors to feel welcome and involved in a shared project that is good for the companies, for Milan and for the country. This is reflected in our efforts to bring as many foreign exhibitors and visitors to the trade fair as possible. There has been excellent uptake from Europe, the UK and Canada, as well as Saudi Arabia, the Far East and India. Where China is concerned, we have programmed a whole range of digital services and contacts that will help it feel closer than ever. We believe in a Salone that breaks down barriers, becoming a cultural bridge, welcoming everyone without distinction, in the name of ethical and responsible design. This approach is the only way the Salone can produce value, stoke renewed enthusiasm and produce an event that looks increasingly to the future. In this edition too, the Salone del Mobile is following its vocation and its original objective: to promote projects that improve the quality of living, of public and private spaces, making sense of innovation that has to be sustainable these days; to be a mediator and catalyst of knowledge and experiences and an accelerator of ecological transition. Everything at the fair will speak to this mission and to this responsibility.