This project by architects Mariana Morgado Pedroso, Magda Freitas and André Rodrigues da Silva of Architect Your Home is located at the heart of Lisbon on Avenida de Roma. They converted an office space into a family apartment, on a 1950’s iconic building by architect Ruy d’Athouguia. Originally an apartment that had in the past been adapted to offices, it is now completely renovated and refurbished. The space was divided into distinct social and private areas, recovering the houses’ original use for a family with contemporary taste, who values well-being and enjoys the comfort of modernity and design, evident in the chosen materials, lines, colours and the play of light, to which no one can remain indifferent. All the chosen materials are of light tones and merge with the space’s modern lines, where everything fits to measure so that aesthetics and functionality intertwine. The search for a simple, truthful, expressive and open architecture, where the luminosity of all the spaces is enjoyed to its fullest potential, with the use of lighter materials is quite evident in this house.