Paularte, the knowledge of generations

In 1968, in the city center of Braga, João Paulo Martins opened a small workshop dedicated to the carving and restoration of furniture. In a city with a centuries-old tradition in woodworking, João Paulo Martins, with his talent and knowledge, created pieces of carving and furniture for customers from all over the country.


In 1975, Paularte installed itself in the current building, gradually occupying an area of ​​6000 square meters. The specialty is the design and manufacture of solid wood furniture and veneered agglomerates. Currently, the second generation, Francisco and Salvador Martins, participates in the management of the company.

In these four decades, production has undergone changes. Following the trend in the furniture market, Paularte has produced classic style furniture for a long time. In the nineties, he started working with external designers who designed complete lines of modern furniture. In 2007, the Martins project appears, numbered and signed pieces by authors, invited architects and designers.