Tensai Furniture

TENSAI FURNITURE is a portuguese brand dedicated to the production and development of Contract and Horeca plastic solutions. With over thirty years of experience in portuguese business fabric, in 2008, Tensai Industria S.A. created a new sophisticated and efficient production unit, transforming thermoplastic resins in Estarreja-Aveiro.

Dedicated to the production and development of plastic furniture solutions for over a decade, as a result of it’s growth, in 2019, the Tensai Furniture brand was launched as an integral part of the sustainable growth strategy and strengthening it´s position in the portuguese and international market.

A multidisciplinary team with extensive technical knowledge, allows innovation to emerge, continuous process improvement exists and quality is not a sector, but an integral part of what it represents.

The production chain aims to seek and implement ecological alternatives through the materials used and established processes, promoting sustainability through the products.

They control, in its entirety, the process of manufacturing and recycling the waste generated. Production using pure materials makes the products 100% recyclable, allowing them to be recovered and processed in new production cycles.

One of the most advanced of its kind, this brand’s industrial unit is equipped with 3800 photovoltaic panels, allowing the annual incorporation of 35% of solar energy throughout the production process. This measure reduces the consumption of conventional energy and prevents 560 TON of CO2 from being released annually into the atmosphere.