Backhome, the new online furniture store that matches design, fun and function.

Backhome, the new online furniture store that matches design, fun and function.

Backhome is the new online furniture store of Portuguese origin, focused on the national market and international and arises with the objective of bringing a differentiated offer with regard to furniture for the home, for the young public, who are looking for a more honest and differentiated offer from the large chains in leading retail and that has the same ease with regard to the process of purchase, assembly, transport, and usability.

The brand’s operating markets are Portugal, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom and the collection presented is dynamic, functional, and fun, designed with a Parisian studio, a London loft, an attic in mind Lisbon, or a Madrid apartment. Designed from the moment of production to the purchase phase.

The objects are designed and produced for the flat-pack packaging format in order to facilitate transport and reduce resources, as they feature smaller, lighter packaging, resulting in a smaller transport footprint.

One of Backhome’s priorities is the design of the parts, combined with the quality of the materials used, which will later be reflected in the assembly of products and in daily usability. Wood is the brand’s main raw material, in order to take advantage of the know-how of the local industry and to present an excellent relationship between durability and sustainability, thus achieving greater environmental and social awareness.

Another advantage is the fact that the products are easily assembled and disassembled for situations of moving house or even country, taking into account the current lifestyle, maintaining its appearance and usability, unlike the more economical solutions on the market, but, less judicious in the materials used.

Backhome’s objective is to present simple and intuitive solutions, in order to give identity to the spaces we inhabit today and correspond to everyday needs, through objects focused on design and function, with a fun touch.

Ana Gomes, manages and is in charge of the project’s marketing, with years of experience in the development of brands and marketing strategies in the home and internationalization sector, states that: “The Backhome audience is young, dynamic, much more nomadic than previous generations, to At the same time, they try not to waste resources when it comes to time, money and the environment, they think their shopping smarter, less mass-marketed, they are demanding with regard to the time they spend shopping, anxious and always connected with Backhome just buy online and they receive the product easily, economically and with easy assembly”.

Products are sold exclusively on in Portugal, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, the products will be available for immediate delivery in the mentioned markets in a short and economical way.

About the company: MPT – Marcenaria Portuguesa, owner of the Wewood and Wecontract brands and present in 54 countries, launched this month a new, young, innovative, and fun furniture brand for sale online, with easy-to-assemble products, packaged in flat-pack, to save resources and reduce costs.