New Synchrony Collections

7 collections of ceramic coverings and floors.

The effect of wood, marble and natural stone, in perfect harmony.

A SYNCHRONY of aesthetic effects

With the ultra realistic effect of wood, marble and natural stone, the new SYNCHRONY collections – Nordik Now, Marbles and Neo Stone – evoke timeless materials and present coatings in a perfect symbiosis between textures and natural tones.

The Nordik collection evokes the nobility of Nordic woods, creating serene and organic environments. It introduces 3 new colors and the non-slip finish for outdoor spaces.

In the marble-effect collections, Calacatta Classic features bold veins on a white background, while Onix Gold reflects a majestic marble with warm tones. The personality of Rainforest Green, with a green background and exotic veins, refers to tropical forests.

In Neo Stone, the Limestone collection reproduces the minerals of limestone, French Stone presents natural tones that give refinement and character to spaces, and Di Alba Stone reproduces the bold movements of tones and effects of natural stone from Albania.

A SYNCHRONY of styles

Together or in combination with the effect of other materials, the new collections result in 5 different decor styles, for interiors and exteriors and public and residential spaces:

Nature Soul, a deep dive into Nature that creates invigorating spaces;
Glam Wish, environments that combine luxury with the personality of natural materials;
Organic Vibe, spaces in earth tones enriched with organic shapes;
Emotion Time, nuances of color that create spaces with different temperaments;
and Newstalgia Way, environments with modern and revivalist lines.