Winner, the new Sanindusa collection

Sanindusa presents its latest collection, designed by Emanuel Rufo. Synonymous with passion and perseverance, the Winner collection is intended to be a tribute to the past with an eye on the future. Winner is born from a rebellious and restless spirit, softened by a consensual design of contemporary and harmonious curved lines.

Thought out in every detail, the collection features toilets in simple and compact versions, which harmonize with the respective bidets, and the back-to-wall (closed at the back) extends its lines, resting completely against the wall, facilitating its life in terms of cleaning your bathroom. In addition to these conveniences, the collection also includes toilet solutions for people with mobility limitations: Winner Comfort. It also includes wall washbasins in the 55cm and 60cm measures, both with a hole for a tap and an anti-overflow, embellished with the respective ring and which combine with the suspended column.

The entire Winner range was designed to position itself in an ecological and economical market segment, offering benefits in terms of water savings and efficiency in flushing. In terms of design, it offers a youthful, elegant and flexible aesthetic that fits perfectly into ambitious and modern decor projects.