Michelin-starred restaurant renews its space with Pedrali furniture

The Michelin-starred Contraste restaurant in Milan, known for its innovative cuisine, has reopened its doors after a renovation.

Michelin-starred restaurant renews its space with Pedrali furniture

The Contraste restaurant, founded in 2015 by the chef Matias Perdomo, sous-chef Simon Press and maître Thomas Piras, is located in a 19th-century building and provides a quiet escape from the noise of the city, featuring dining rooms designed to ensure the highest attention to service and customer care.

The project renovated the environment for a “versatile and engaging layout”. The great hall was transformed and divided into four distinct zones, inspired by natural elements and characterized by a single color. The curtain system is similar to the hall of a theater, highlighted by its vibrant colors, and has the functionality to close and open according to the client’s needs.

Each area has its own unique character, offering customers a different experience every time they visit the restaurant.

Only open for dinner, you can experience acoustic music and appreciate the details of the space, such as the soundproof curtains and walls, while enjoying the new menu in your quiet room. In addition, the careful lighting highlights the daylight through its large windows.

The main focus was to connect the historic soul of the building with the modern style of the interior design. The renovation of the interiors was developed through a scientific analysis conducted by a technical committee, which brought in decorative elements from the late 19th century. Specialized restorers were also involved to recover the building’s original elements.

Pedrali furniture was chosen to characterize the rooms and the ambience of the restaurant, in which Ester armchairs and Inox round tables were used.

Designed by Patrick Jouin, the Ester armchairs are a blend of elegance, ergonomics and functionality. It’s a leather armchair with a soft texture and delicate lines, in a neutral shade of beige, complete with cast aluminum legs.

Michelin-starred restaurant renews its space with Pedrali furniture

The Inox tables are simple and functional. Their base and columns are finished in antique brass, giving the furniture and the space an identity. In the secluded relaxation room, Azul Klein has a Fenix finish in fluorescent orange. The search for the aesthetics of new surfaces, such as the vinyl flooring in pink, blue, light gray and anthracite stripes, as well as the friezes and wall coverings, was aimed at giving character and dynamism to the restaurant’s spaces.