EY Portugal relocates 2000 employees to Alcântara

The company sees this change as a strategy of environmental sustainability, innovation, technology and modernity for EY Portugal, reflected in a flexible and efficient office space.

EY Portugal relocates 2000 employees to Alcântara

The company, EY Portugal, is moving to the Alcântara Lisbon Offices (ALLO) building, a modern and emblematic real estate project in Lisbon. The new office has an area of around 8500 square meters, spread over four floors and with enough capacity to accommodate 2000 employees, who will feel a positive result at work by being close to the river.

EY’s new office is a kind of guided tour of Lisbon, which highlights the interior design project. “EY has been growing consistently and this move represents a strategic step that reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability and improving the working environment for our employees. The new headquarters will offer modern facilities, equipped with the latest technology and spaces designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing,” says Miguel Farinha, Contry Managing Partner of the company.

EY Portugal has a space full of Lisbon symbolism such as the Portuguese sidewalk, elements related to the sea and the river, streetcars, kiosks, the 25 de Abril Bridge, arcades, monasteries, as well as the lights and colors of the city, which come together with the wood, decoration and furniture.

Floors 0, 1 and 2 are home to collaborative work areas, formal rooms, meeting spaces and social areas. Floor 4 is a space dedicated to clients, with reception areas, spaces for formal meetings, workshops and meals.

Visitors will be able to make use of ALLO’s infrastructures, including a cocktail lounge, meetings, yoga, changing rooms, parking with electric chargers, places for bicycles and scooters, as well as a restaurant with a terrace and a rooftop.

EY Portugal relocates 2000 employees to Alcântara

This is a project geared towards people’s well-being and environmental sustainability, with several certifications awarded, among them:

  • WELL Gold, recognizes and promotes the relationship between the building and the people.
  • LEED Gold, highly sustainable buildings that promote energy efficiency and environmental performance, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • WIREDSCORE, which internationally recognizes a building’s digital connection, with the main objective of ensuring that buildings have the digital infrastructure that companies trust and seek.

ALLO was the first office building in Portugal to receive the WiredScore Platinum certification, the highest level of this certification. It also won the “Sustainability Award” at the Construir 2023 Awards, the “Best New Construction Development – Offices” at the Expresso/SIC Notícias 2023 Real Estate Awards and received an “Honorable Mention in Collective Facilities” at the 2024 National Real Estate Awards.

EY Portugal relocates 2000 employees to Alcântara

EY Portugal’s new office is located on Lisbon’s waterfront, in Alcântara, an area that is privileged for its centrality in the capital’s office market, its leisure facilities, services and means of transportation. Miguel Farinha reveals that “the firm desire to increase the levels of comfort, experience and well-being of our employees, combined with the modernity and sustainability of the building, as well as the characteristics of the location, were just some of the reasons that motivated EY to choose ALLO as its ‘new home'”.