And the winner is…João Viveiros!


On the occasion of the celebration of Fenabel’s thirty years of existance and the inauguration of the new corporate building, Fenabel awarded the winner of the first edition of the Design Contest promoted by the company.

The Design Contest aims to foster the creative industry, promoting healthy competition between young designers. At the same time, it intends to find talents that contribute with innovative and sustainable ideas to Fenabel’s collection.

Fenabel’s Design Contest received dozens of applications from the most diverse countries: United States of America, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal… The winner, this one, was found in Portugal.


João Viveiros, born in São Miguel, in the Azores, was the winner of the award. The prize includes the recognition of his design as the winner. João will also see his model being integrated into Fenabel’s collection.

And who is João?
João is a product designer qualified by the universities of IADE – Creative University, where he completed his Bachelor degree in general design and, by ESAD – Matosinhos, where he obtained a Master’s degree in product design. During his academic background, he developed several projects that resulted in the acquisition of different skills in the most diverse areas of design, such as communication, multimedia and product. Today, he is about to enter the professional market and certainly will be able to put all his ideas into practice.


The name ‘ZAZEN’ comes from an ancient Buddhist term ‘practice of zen and calm’ or ‘just sitting’. What characterizes this chair is the triangular joint on the side, composed of three wooden elements that support the seat, legs and back, forming an overlapping shape that can be seen in plant structures and traditional Chinese craft techniques. These structural lines suggest calm or balance, providing an interesting visual approach to the piece, inviting users to sit comfortably.