The Lodge Wine & Business Hotel


Located in the historic heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, next to the Port Wine cellars, The Lodge Wine & Business Hotel is a project that combines design with tradition. Reflecting the architectural versatility of the building that welcomes it, as well as the geographical proximity to a whole historical and territorial context that brings genuine and differentiating elements to the project – that of Wine, its Demarcated Region and surrounding cellars, Atelier Nini Andrade Silva developed all a concept that translates into an authentic experience and closely linked to the wine and gastronomy of Porto and the entire Douro Region. We are concerned with reading the space as a whole and, as we travel through the hotel, we are faced with grandiose spatial areas and exclusive design notes that capture attention! This is the case of the scenic environment created in the area of the hotel’s main entrance, designed with the intention of projecting us into a wine universe, an explosion of creativity filled with wine baskets of enormous dimensions, grapes, grape leaves and autumn tones. At the bottom of this area, with a bold design and a strong sense of avant-garde, a stairway sculpturally projected into a wine barrel opens up into the business center foyer, an area where everything happens, in a permanent awakening of the senses. The analogy to the wine universe will often be used throughout the hotel, creating constant allusions to the history of the Douro Region.