World’s first: Glammfire presents the first-ever velvet fireplace

Distinctive and elegant is how the new velvet edition of bioethanol fireplaces launched by GlammFire is presented.

Recognized as the most iconic bioethanol fireplaces brand in the world, GlammFire, announces its latest revolution in fireplaces design: velvet. Smoothness, comfort, and elegance are the keywords for this finishing that will reinforce the exclusive status of the brand in the market.

GlammFire’s Velvet edition emerges following the brand’s instinct to present unique and innovative design pieces. “Distinctive and elegant” is how Marcelo Inácio, GlammFire’s CEO, refers to this collection, “an edition never seen before that won’t leave anyone indifferent. The fireplaces are dressed up in velvet will give even more splendor and refinement to the spaces”.

GlammFire understands that the experience that the consumer has with the product is the most important thing. With this new velvet edition, the brand wants to give more stage to one of the five senses: the touch. Beyond the usual thermal comfort and design of GlammFire’s bioethanol fireplaces, the fireplaces dressed up in velvet will arouse even more sensations and emotions.

GlammFire’s new edition of velvet finishings will be limited to nine models: Thales, Archimedes, Pythagoras, Eudoxus, Mileto, Perola Plus, Urban, Contour, and Contour 13, which can be consulted at .

World's first: Glammfire presents the first-ever velvet fireplace