Vicaima launches new Portaro® solutions catalog

Vicaima has just made available a new catalog of Portaro® solutions, providing professionals in the sector with great flexibility and versatility in their projects.

The development of flexible solutions, with high performance and superior quality, remains one of the priorities of Vicaima, one of the biggest European players in the design and production of interior doors, frames, wardrobes, panels, and furniture pieces. In this sense, the company has just launched the new Portaro® solutions catalog.

Versatile and ready to install, the Portaro® concept integrates a door, frame, and accessories in a single piece, providing professionals in the sector with numerous application possibilities.

The new catalog is a complete tool to support the prescriber, reflecting the entire range of solutions, also including a guide for choosing models of doors and coverings, as well as a presentation of the range of Vicaima wardrobes. Over its 72 pages, the most recent catalog presents not only technical information but also Inspirational content with a wide range of applications, ranging from Residential, Hospitality, and Services projects.

 The product range is divided into 4 main categories: Interior Doors, Firebreaks, Firebreaks, and Acoustics and Security. With a wide range of designs and coatings, the solutions are available in different configurations, such as inverse facing, pivoting, sliding, or high-dimension doors, opening up countless possibilities for interior architecture.

Vicaima’s new Portaro® solutions catalog is an essential tool for professionals looking for innovative, easy-to-install, and superior quality products. With this launch, Vicaima once again demonstrates its expertise in the development of sophisticated products with high aesthetic and technical rigor, being at the forefront of the most demanding standards of quality and excellence, while maintaining concern and respect for the environment.

Get access to the catalog here

Vicaima launches new Portaro® solutions catalog Vicaima launches new Portaro® solutions catalog