IFEMA gets ready to relaunch its activity

#KeepBeingUs is IFEMA’s slogan for its own reopening as it gets ready to start operating again once the hospital lights are turned off after two intense months. The return, estimated for September, will involve a tight schedule with new dates to accommodate a line-up of more than 60 fairs planned for the last four months of 2020. This agenda includes many of the fairs that were postponed as a result of the health crisis.

During this break, IFEMA has focused on keeping as many fairs as possible on the calendar to reduce the potential impact on the economy in the sectors represented. 

Harnessing technology and creativity to resume events

However, our reopening will be accompanied by major new initiatives. IFEMA is adapting to the limitations we expect will be imposed by this new situation, such as using state-of-the-art technology to simultaneously control access to fairs and congresses to comply with capacity restrictions, monitoring with the latest equipment to take the temperature of people entering the meetings and other safe physical distancing control systems and measures.

But visitors will not only experience these new health monitoring methods and changes to space allocation. The other innovations they will experience will include a new type of fair, which we are now designing, to ensure the effectiveness of the technology used to adapt any content that can be substituted and to complement business relationships and face-to-face B2B meetings.

Faced with the challenge of promoting trade fairs as excellent places to do business, IFEMA is adapting to the unavoidable impact of the health crisis by promoting creativity, research, a willingness to take risks and determination to be constantly on the lookout for opportunities for its clients.

In short, we are designing the new normal for events that will satisfy the coming health, safety and mobility requirements“, says Eduardo López-Puertas, CEO of IFEMA, who stressed “the importance of IFEMA’s role in adding value to companies and helping to revive the economy. This work will assist with the recovery of the sectors while revitalising business tourism to boost hotels, restaurants, shops, transport and culture and entertainment. 

IFEMA gets ready to relaunch its activity


The digital campaign aims to give visibility to the work IFEMA does to service society and the business sector and to focus on the efforts being made to get up and running again and to help companies resume operations. IFEMA will be offering safe spaces for public and business meetings that comply with all applicable current regulations.

Video: https://youtu.be/JI5UY2xUMaA