Glammfire signs design of alcohol-gel dispenser with pedal

Glammfire signs design of alcohol-gel dispenser with pedalIn view of the current situation generated by COVID-19, GlammFire ​​was challenged by ittenz for home, a group company, to break with the design standards of alcohol-Gel dispensers that are being marketed on the market, and to present a product of excellence with GlammFire ​​quality and design.

“We are experiencing a unique situation, now more than ever, people are concerned about their health and understand that prevention is the best way to fight this virus. There are other alcohol-gel devices on the market, but we wanted to create something with our stamp and that was 100% national. We wanted an alcohol-gel dispenser with a pedal that made people feel safe and that was a resistant product with quality materials, always maintaining what characterizes our design”, says Marcelo Inácio, CEO of GlammFire.

The alcohol-gel dispenser with pedal designed by GlammFire ​​is an ideal product for places with a greater flow of people. Simple and intuitive to use, to activate this dispenser just press the pedal and the gel is applied directly to the hands, without the need to touch the device to be able to clean your hands.

“As stated by our CEO, Mr. Marcelo Inácio, we live in a unique moment in our lives, and companies and institutions will have to adapt to new needs and hygiene rules. The alcohol-gel dispenser with pedal designed by GlammFire ​​is ideal for this type of space, with a characteristic design of the GlammFire ​​parts. your brand”, says Soraia Lopes, Chief Marketing Officer at Glammfire.

Pedal alcohol-gel dispensers are available to order via email: Each dispenser is already equipped with a 3,5L dispenser, however, its adjustable base allows you to place larger dispensers.

Glammfire signs design of alcohol-gel dispenser with pedal



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