Glammfire opens showroom in Portugal

A bold space where the best of what is done in Portuguese territory in terms of luxury fireplaces stands out. This is GlammFire’s new showroom in Cascais Marina. The CEO and founder of the company, Marcelo Alves Inácio, explains that the main goal of this investment is “to bring the brand back to its roots”. After conquering the world, the brand wants to make itself known to the Portuguese and evaluate their reaction.

Spread over more than 50 countries, GlammFire is a brand that is better known abroad than in Portugal, despite being a pioneer in Portugal in the manufacturing of luxury bioethanol fireplaces, a non-polluting fuel. Besides the environmental factor, these fireplaces also have no need for previous installation, do not release smoke or smell.

GlammFire’s work has been recognized internationally with the attribution of several awards.