Glammfire innovates in the digital market and launches augmented reality application

GlammFire ​​expands its presence in the digital world and launches an augmented reality application that allows users to show part of its product range without costs or usage fees (free use application). Open to all Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, and individual customers, the application allows the user to view the chosen products in the location they want before placing an order, as well as doing all tests in advance.

“It all started with the goal of creating a tool to improve the ability of our sales representatives to promote and advertise the entire GlammFire ​​product line with just a few clicks on mobile devices. But we realized that this application was powerful enough to be available to all those who would like to have a GlammFire ​​product in their residential or real estate project at any stage of development ”, says Marcelo Inácio, CEO of GlammFire.

GlammFire ​​products are unique pieces that represent the essence of each space and, through this application of augmented reality, users can have pleasant moments while visualizing the elegance of a hedonistic and dancing flame. Mr. Marcelo Inácio says: “We are starting with twenty-one products available, but we want to improve the application in the coming months based on user feedback. Certainly, in the future, we will increase the number of products available and we will work with the team of software development of the app to adjust additional features that we will disclose in the future. ”

“We are transforming the consumer’s shopping experience by allowing them to view products in the comfort of their homes. With this application we want to raise the level of customer expectations and create even more engagement. From now on, anyone can be at home and try some of our products before making the purchase and view it in the place you want without having to place an order. The application is very intuitive and, therefore, easy to use. With it, customers can choose the finishes of GlammFire ​​products that best suit their needs in relation to the location, light and the design of each space. The application also allows the user to photograph the fireplace that he tested in the application and send or share with his family or friends with just one click ”, says Soraia Lopes, Chief Marketing Officer at GlammFire.

The GlammfireAR application is available, free of charge, to download from the Apple Store for devices with IOS system and from the Google App Store for devices with Android system.


Founded in 2008 in the north of Portugal, GlammFire ​​is a world-class brand of luxury fireplaces, which represents Portuguese design and modern/contemporary style.

As one of the most sought after fireplace brands in the world, GlammFire ​​specializes in the development and manufacture of unique and environmentally friendly fireplaces that fit into a new lifestyle. The desire for a greater search for efficiency, the search for difference, incorporated in the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to the environment are details present in each GlammFire ​​product.