Design celebrates the International Day of Light

Promoted by UNESCO in 2017 to underline the central role played by light and bright technologies in people’s lives, the International Day of Light, May 16, touches different areas ranging from science to technology through culture, education and sustainable development.

The importance of light in the life of each individual is undoubted and not only natural light, but also that found inside houses and offices, where most of human existence is spent. Modern technologies have made a significant contribution in the design of solutions capable of illuminating any type of environment, both residential and office, and also the design has led to the creation of decorative and professional products, increasingly protagonists within the different spaces.

In the decorative field, the lighting solutions created by brands such as Blueside Emotional Design, Stilnovo, Talenti stand out.


Blueside Emotional Design, with the collaboration of the architect Sabrina Masala who designed it, has created Medusa – Soffio di Luce, a battery lamp with adjustable intensity, which combines refinement and uniqueness in a single extremely functional, yet simple product and classic. A harmonious form made of contrasts: the solid ceramic base is opposed to a structure that rises upwards just like a floating jellyfish. The transparency of the glass, similar to that of the marine animal, reveals a luminous soul inside. As in all Blueside Emotional Design furnishing accessories, Medusa is also made of borosilicate glass – the most precious glass in the world – which boasts characteristics of resistance to thermal shock, resulting also free of contaminating elements. In addition, just like all the other Blueside Emotional Design products, Medusa is handcrafted by the expert hands of glass blowers, emblem of an all-Italian manufacturing excellence that also makes use of the experience of Steroglass, leader in the processing of borosilicate glass for the realization of instruments in the scientific field, which guarantees each product a quality of extremely high standards.

Design celebrates the International Day of Light



Some of the icons of the lighting brand that has dominated the scene since 1946, such as Fante, Minitopo, Lampiatta and Triedro alongside extremely innovative products, such as Dresscode, Derby, Demì, Sparkling, giving life to a new collection of lamps suitable for more modern environments, where the possibility of mixing great classics with contemporary products becomes the key to understanding the new living and contract spaces. Color, light quality, uniqueness and extreme attention to detail are the guidelines that can be expressed through the same products.

Design celebrates the International Day of Light


The 2020 Talenti catalog, a global reference brand in the outdoor sector, bets on lighting to create elegant and evocative environments. The Milo floor lamp and the Cleo lantern, both designed by Marco Acerbis, offer practical and fresh solutions. The first has a steel wire structure that matches the outdoor furniture from the same collection and which plays on curves and three different heights. The essential lines of the Cleo lantern trace a direct connection with the voluminous elements of the collection expressing a desire for imaginative mobility. Tribal instead, created by ps + at Palomba Serafini Associati, introduces a new key to interpret the perception of space in an increasingly fascinating way. Characterized by a strong ethnic inspiration, it is able to arouse the feeling of a holiday in exotic places at first glance. Eclectic and evocative forms of distant countries with both floor and suspension lamps that project games of light and shadows and weaves to create suggestive atmospheres in open spaces.

Design celebrates the International Day of Light



Specifically dedicated to the professional sector, the solutions of LINEA LIGHT GROUP, a company from Treviso among the first companies in Europe to specialize in LED technology, in response to the needs of energy efficiency, lighting efficiency, color fidelity and design versatility. Technological innovations alongside original and innovative solutions designed for indoor and outdoor lighting of residential spaces, but also for restaurants, retail, offices and finally for the museum sector.

Design celebrates the International Day of Light

Like InkSystem, the modular and dynamic indoor system that revises the concept of a luminaire. It is not a single lamp available in several versions, but rather extraordinarily versatile articles, united by the same concept. The cable, elastic and thin, in the stretched version houses a high performance stripLED. The same cable acts as a conductor on which it is possible to hook different devices: light profiles with diffused emission or UGR <19 thanks to special darklight cells, adjustable spotlights and suspension lamps. The range includes real wall / ceiling paths, modular channel-modules with various junctions and ends that house the conducting cable and transform it into an elegant graphic sign.

For outdoor lighting, Opti-Pole revolutionizes the concept of bollard for public spaces starting from the name, which includes the real secret of this family: OptiLight Technology ™, the exclusive technology of Linea Light Group that guarantees an emission very soft and at the same time particularly pushed and enveloping, unique in its kind and without glare.

The source is placed laterally inside the optical unit: the laser micro-incisions that characterize the PMMA diffuser deflect the light beam, distributing it harmoniously. The particular Opti-Pole emission covers the walking area frontally and laterally, going as far as reaching part of the portion behind the bollard. The minimal aesthetic, the reduced dimensions (the head is just 15 millimeters thick!) And the precious finishes complete the pluses of this high level bollard.