CFPIMM – National Meeting of the Wood and Furniture Industries

Under the theme “People: New Challenges for Qualifications and Skills in the Sector”, the National Meeting of the Wood and Furniture Industries was held on 16 November at the CFPIMM, which brought together more than a hundred entrepreneurs and players in the sector.

This meeting took place within the scope of the work of Diagnosis of Qualifications and Skills Needs and Updating of the National Catalogue of Qualifications, for the Wood, Furniture and Cork Sectors, awarded by ANQEP to the CFPIMM, following an international public tender.
During the morning, in a plenary session, the preliminary results of this work were presented and put under analysis, having been identified the qualifications and professional skills needed for the Wood and Furniture sector, in the current moment and in the perspective of the future. Besides the interventions of the promoters of the event (CFPIMM and AIMMP), the Meeting also counted with the participation of the Regional Delegate of the North of IEFP, I.P. (Dra. Carla Vale) and the Director of the National Qualifications Catalogue Department of ANQEP (Dra. Sandra Lameira).

In the afternoon, the works continued, where were brought for discussion themes such as:
– Qualifications for the Sector: Challenges and Objectives
Target Audience: Sectoral Organisms and Vocational Education and Training
– Qualifications that answer to Enterprises
Addressees: Entrepreneurs
– Workers’ Competences
Addressees: Directors of Production – Furniture and Carpentry
– New Trends
Target Audience: Commercial Directors, Designers, Consultants and Technological Partners
– Qualifications – Challenges to the 1st Transformation
Target Public: Specialists in 1st Transformation, Packaging and Coatings
In all the discussion groups there was a wide participation, consensus on the essential topics, lively debate and enrichment of the work with important contributions from the participants.