Sep Verboom


Verboom works closely with small communities who have perfect control of their craft and techniques. He collaborates with them in a search for innovative, creative solutions which may or may not always result in an object, but carpets, side tables, wooden trays and ceramic sculptures have all been among the concrete results of such cooperation. In this context, he visited the Peruvian Amazon where he researched the production chain regarding certified wood, in collaboration with AIDER and the Flemish ngo (non-government organisation) Bos+. He also worked in the Philippines where he combined traditional weaving techniques with waste product in the Cebu province. The projects combine local craft and communal engagement with contemporary design and social awareness. Transparency is key, during the wide-ranging research process as well as at the final result. Verboom sees himself as someone who sets projects in motion and guides them, rather than as a designer in the traditional sense of the word. “If I’d been a photographer, maybe photographs would be the end-result of a project. Whatever the outcome of the research, it is more about the environment and the process, rather than the final aim in itself. I tend to attach more importance to the story and the process.