Marbé Briceno-Velázquez


Marbé Designs, Inc. is an Award-Winning, fullservice Architectural Interior Design Studio based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in HighEnd Residential and commercial sectors across the country and overseas. With an eccentric knowledge of creating both refined and authentic spaces with luxury elements such as natural
stones, a mix of metals, woods, and good lighting Marbé Designs keeps a clean and exclusive vision making any room safe and functional. As well as aesthetically appealing, incorporating the art of Design and the science of architecture. MD has a distinctive hands-on to Art, Design, and architecture which we believe creates, in any form, a powerful feeling, having the capability to heal and rejuvenate. MD studio was founded almost five years ago by Marbé herself, who is a native VenezuelanAmerican artist. She has a pronounced Architect in Interiors-Design degree, giving her a solid understanding of the architectural and design world, which is fundamental in this industry. But what makes her stand out from the crowd is her natural talent, her proven skills, and her real-world experience.