AlmaLusa, the unpretentious comfort of Comporta

In the heart of Comporta, this hotel invests in subtle luxury in harmony with nature. Without neglecting gastronomy and other memorable experiences.

AlmaLusa, the unpretentious comfort of Comporta


Memories of a harsh Comporta, known to geographers and explorers as “metropolitan Africa”, have been lost in time. From that time, Comporta has preserved only the best: the storks that nest on every high point, the dolphins that frequently visit the beach and an architecture that now comfortably honours the popular traditions of the ancestral populations.

This is also the proposal of AlmaLusa, one of the most recent hotels in the village. With a four-star rating, it is committed to unpretentious luxury that respects the very particular ecosystem of this region, while still giving it a contemporary touch. The 53 rooms (including 31 suites) are decorated by the Brocante atelier with furniture and pieces made from materials that have been extensively crafted in the region, such as raffia, straw or eucalyptus. This intimate atmosphere is complemented in the hotel’s communal areas, with the highlight being the “Ethereal Roots of Comporta” photography collection by German artist Celia Rogge and Portuguese artist João Trindade.

But AlmaLusa is also committed to exceptional gastronomic experiences. At the Alma Lusa Café or in the hotel lobby, guests and visitors can enjoy healthy meals made with fresh, local ingredients. The variety of options on the menu is inviting: fresh juices of the day, smoothies, salads and pastries. For a quick meal, there are open toasts, panninis and wraps available both to eat on site and to take away.

The Library Bar offers more elaborate dishes, including fresh Sado oysters, crunchy peixinhos da horta and fried cuttlefish from Setubal, accompanied by a selection of wines and cocktails. But on summer evenings, the “star” promises to be the rooftop bar, facing the rice paddies, for which chef Wilson Costa has prepared a menu of dishes to share and other individual dishes, including new options such as tuna tartare in a pasta cone, tiger’s milk and kimchi, oxtail croquette, pickles and mustard or the crunchy prawn taco and spice mayonnaise or the veal RoofTop Burger.

The AlmaLusa Comporta experience is only complete, however, with one (or more) wellness experiences, from yoga, fitness and pilates classes to spa treatments. For those wishing to explore the countryside, beaches and rice paddies, AlmaLusa guests can hire bicycles and enjoy an outdoor picnic. The Herdade da Comporta winery and the Carrasqueira Palafítico pier are some of the neighbouring sites worth visiting while venturing around the region, following the suggestions of the digital concierge, the “Alma Lusa Hotels” app, which includes tips, activities and other available services. But I admit that my heart went out to Cavalos na Areia, which allows you to book a horse ride along the river or through the white sand dunes. For someone who had never touched one of these animals, as was my case, the idea seemed simply frightening. Pure mistake. The support given by the team is constant and inspires confidence even in the most reluctant. I’ll be back to greet the sweet “Apollo” horse.

Hotel AlmaLusa Comporta Prices: Rooms from €250 in summer and €140 in the rest of the year.