List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015
List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

João Paulo Martins

PAULARTE - Founder

With more then 45 years of activity, Paularte is recognized with a greater reference in the world furniture and also in the school of carving. Founded and administered by João Paulo Martins, the brand is distinguished by its pioneering change.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Alberto Dias

ALDECO - Editor

Alberto Dias is the founder of Aldeco, awarded 7 times with the Mobis Prize, in the categories of supplier and brand. Aldeco also received a Mobis Gold Award, the highest distinction in the Sector.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Victor Marinheiro

MOLAFLEX - General Manager

Created in 1951, in São João da Madeira, Molaflex pioneered the manufacture of mattresses and springs in Portugal. He is currently a specialist in rest applying different technologies in the production of spring mattresses and technical foam. Over more than 60 years, the company has consolidated its position with constant investments in the area of quality and innovation, which guarantees it to remain at the top of the market and enjoy great public notoriety

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Lino Leal de Barros


Founded in 1968 by Lino Leal de Barros, the company bet early on a solid structure that allowed it to quickly achieve high standards of design and quality in furniture.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Antero Calvo

RECER - Chairman of the Board of Directors

RECER, founded in 1977, is one of the most important Portuguese companies in the ceramic flooring and coatings sector. RECER's presence in international markets is significant, selling its decorative solutions in more than 70 countries. In 2010 she was awarded the Brand category with the Mobis Prize.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

António Rocha


Viriato Hotel Concept saw its administrator António Rocha, being awarded the Mobis Homenagem and Career Award in 2010.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Jorge Antunes


Currently the company specialized in textile decoration, representing exclusively for the market Portuguese, some of the most prestigious international brands, as well as developing and editing its own brand of EVO FABRICS decoration fabrics created in 2002, already exporting to 26 countries and exhibiting in some of the most representative fairs of the high decoration sector.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Joaquim Louro Pereira


The Group has been awarded the Mobis Prize several times and its founder was awarded an Industrial Merit Commendare, was awarded several times with the Mobis Prize in the Category of Entrepreneur and Industry. In 2008 he received the Mobis Tribute and Career Award.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

José Manuel Fernandes

FREZITE - Administrator

The company has won the Mobis Prize twice. Its administrator, José Manuel Fernandes, was also awarded the Award in the Category Tribute and Career.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Amaro Martins

MARJOS - Chairman of the Board of Directors

At eleven Mobis Award galas, Marjos was awarded eight times in the machinery and equipment supplier category.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Francisco Malcato

INTERFER - Administrator

Founded in 1979, Interfer received 10 Mobis Awards at 11 galas, in the category of Hardware, Accessories and Components Supplier. He also received the Mobis Gold Award, the industry's highest distinction. Its founder, Francisco Malcato, was awarded the Tribute and Career Award in 2006.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

José Ferraz


The management by values, the current of its products, innovation, applied technologies and the know-how of the team led by José Ferraz, make the Lusoverniz Group a privileged partner of the industry, which has already earned him the award of the Mobis Prize in the categories of Image campaign, advertising and marketing and in the category of Supplier of paints, varnishes and glues.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Manuel Madeira

MOB - Member of the Board of Directors

MOB is one of the largest and most prestigious Portuguese manufacturers of kitchen furniture, being present in numerous international markets. At 11 galas MOB won 8 Mobis Awards in the Category of Kitchen Furniture Manufacturer and Cabinets.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Isabel Costa

HAWORTH - Marketing Director

Haworth designs and manufactures office furniture, chairs, compartmentalization systems and partitions creating adaptive workspaces. Present in 126 countries Haworth has already won two Mobis Awards in the Category of Office Furniture Manufacturer.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Manuel Gonçalves

O MÓVEL DE CONDEIXA - Administrator

Created in 1986 by Manuel Gonçalves, the store O Móvel de Condeixa has a technical design office, led by Architect Tania Ventura, winner of the Mobis Designer Award in 2008. In 2006, it was considered the best store and Manuel Gonçalves received the Mobis Prize in the category of Businessman of Commerce on three occasions.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Ana Roque

AR INTERIORES - Interior designer

Ar Interiores is a Portuguese brand created in 1996 by Ana Roque. The interior designer has already won a Mobis Award in the Interior Decoration category. AR parts are mainly appreciated for unique design and high quality.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Celso Lascasas


Laskasas is a furniture and decoration company, based in the north of the country, with stores distributed throughout the continent, as well as cross-border representation, namely in France, Spain, Mozambique and Angola. In 2012, Celso Lascasas was awarded in the category of Trade Entrepreneur.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Ilda Pires


Serip was founded half a century ago in 1961. With more than 50 years of experience and in the third generation, this family business seeks innovation in its design and demonstrates a unique point of view in the lighting area. Serip was awarded twice the Mobis Prize in 2006 in the Category of Lighting Goods Manufacturer and in 2009 with Brand.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

José Ferreira Faria

Farimovel - Founder

Founded in 1984, in Cristelo, Paredes – Portugal, Farimovel was born a result of the initiative capacity of José Ferreira Faria, who has always aimed to have his own furniture company. He is currently managed by Abílio Faria, son of the founder who has 45 employees and a production area of 6000m2.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Hélder Silva


Carla, Hélder and André founded Interdesign 10 years ago, they were the ones who designed, produced and assembled the furniture. In 2009 internationalization began. Currently have 10 stores in Portugal and three international.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Silvino Lindo

SML - Founder

In 1990, Silvino Moreira Lindo decided to create SML – Silvino Lindo, Madeira Dryer Industry, Lda. The company, winner of a Mobis Award in 2002, has as its main activity the design, manufacture and installation of wood drying equipment and finishing lines of the furniture industry.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Mário Brito


Founded in 1970, ABrito SA is now one of the references in the furniture market. Winner of 2 Mobis Awards, in the Category of Contemporary Furniture Manufacturer, ABrito SA has more than 12,000 m2 of industrial capacity using the most modern technology.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Pedro Sousa


Born in 1976, Pedro Sousa is an industrial designer. Thanks to his know-how, Pedro has collaborated in several companies. In 2009 he started his own design company, in which he runs his own projects, as well as projects for various brands.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Pedro Oliveira Pinto

Pedro Oliveira Pinto led the destinations of Paços de Ferreira for nine years. He who is now the President of the Social Democratic Mayors has always strongly supported the sector.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Joaquim Costa Pereira

Móveis Costa Pereira - Founder

Since 1990, Costa Pereira Furniture has been a reference in the sector. The quality and care of choosing the best raw materials, made it an unavoidable name at national level and catapulted it into international markets. Today it exports to Spain, France, Lithuania, Mozambique and Angola.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Sheila Moura Azevedo

Glamour'Arte - Founder

With its atelier of interior architecture, decoration and product projects and with its online store and store space, you are ready to start writing the history of your home.

List of Mobis Award Nominees 2015

Ana Cristina Almeida

Anaric - Director

In rapid growth, Anaric satisfies hundreds of customers from north to south of our country and also foreigners. Today, the international market accounts for about 40% of its production when exporting to countries such as Spain, England, Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, among others.