Gaveta Glamour: Spaces that inspire your life

Gaveta Glamour

Spaces that inspire your life

Gaveta Glamour not only works with prestigious interior decoration brands, but also manufactures customized furniture with distinctive patterns, highly functional, adaptable to your needs and with accessories for all types of spaces and environments.

We talked to Rúben Rodrigues, Gaveta Glamour’s designer, who told us more about the brand’s journey.


Gaveta Glamour: Spaces that inspire your lifeHow did Gaveta Glamour come about?

Gaveta Glamour emerged from the need to create a space for furniture design and interior decoration, where the main concern is to provide the customer with a unique experience through the creation and development of projects and pieces of furniture. The personalized follow-up in each project is one of the strengths of this brand, as we understand that by approaching the client,
the desire to disseminate the developed idea enriches the process of developing the spaces. Also the desire to grow and build a space that represents the furniture market in the north of Portugal and Portuguese designers, through inspirations from various markets worldwide, as it is very important to be aware of trends and everything that is made in the area of furniture and decoration.

What can we find in this space?

At the moment, the Gaveta Glamour brand can be visited in two showrooms in Paços de Ferreira (Porto), in Parque das Nações (Lisbon) and through online platforms. The showrooms function as a space for serving the public, where it is possible to discover some parts, materials and types of finishing for customization and personalization of projects. The GG team is at the service of satisfying all needs and questions related to potential projects, materials, finishes, budgets and everything that may be related to our work.

What is the concept of GG?

Gaveta Glamour always seeks, through its projects, to provide impacting emotions and sensations to people, through products and spaces developed thinking only and exclusively about the satisfaction of the customer’s needs, because only in this way is it possible to captivate and demonstrate all the professionalism and creativity. which is the brand image of this team. That said, GG seeks to follow a concept and a characteristic identity of the brand, because in this way we will be recognized for our personalized work method, monitoring the project in an individualized way, understanding all the requirements that the client intends to pass for the development of the project, and finally, to provide and manufacture top quality parts with excellent finishes, always having as main focus the satisfaction in the final result.

How does the creative process develop?

Following the creative process of a project as an example, the Gaveta Glamour team always seeks to meet the ideas previously conceived by the client, and through knowledge and study in the area of furniture and decoration, GG designers develop proposals that establish the connection between the client’s ideas and what we believe to be the best way forward for the good development of the project, both in terms of design and in terms of construction. And it is following this symbiosis of ideas that we elaborate and start the creative process of developing hypotheses, and through the 3D project we are able to discover the ideal solution, and in this way, what was once just a client’s dream we make it become a reality.

What, for you, are the most important aspects of a design project?

For the good development of a design project there are several factors that must be taken into account gradually for a good evolution of the work to be elaborated. In an initial phase, it is essential to understand the behavior and objectives of the people for whom the project will be developed, in order to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. The organization of the flows of the spaces of permanence is a starting point, through the development of sketches and planning of the space. And in a methodical and disciplined way, the elaboration process of all the furniture and decorative pieces is attentive to a series of essential factors regarding the comfort conditions, both in terms of design, lighting, decoration, space harmony and especially in terms of ergonomic.
Because we understand that with a well-designed project planning and with very explicit tasks, it becomes easier for the client to understand the entire process involved in the execution of the project and thus can follow all the creative development.

With an eye on the future, what is GG’s path?

We are looking to the future and want to continue to expand our business. Gaveta Glamour has extensive experience and proven know-how, in a sector of activity that has proved to be increasingly competitive. We act as a reliable company in the furniture and interior decoration markets, the experience it has and its highly qualified and motivated employees, put the company on the right path for sustained growth.

Gaveta Glamour: Spaces that inspire your life