Renowned brand presents the film “LATITUDINI”

The Italian brand MINOTTI has launched a new film called “Latitudini”, with the aim of demonstrating Minotti’s lifestyle and language, conveying through its furniture that it is unique, transversal, international and coherent.

Renowned brand presents the film “LATITUDINI”
Its title, “Latitudini”, alludes to geographical latitudes and latitudes of taste. Throughout the film, the peaceful and dynamic rhythm of contemporary life is evident, giving a more relaxed feel to the space and to everyday life. The great representation of the 2024 Collection is evident, with its calm and simplistic pieces.

The different types of architecture, whether in classic or modern style, whether in a tropical villa or urban retail, alternate in a narrative that mixes reality and the virtual world.

“Latitudini” explores the most different ideal and existing places, where it interprets the most varied aesthetic languages, in order to inspire and invite everyone to dwell in the surrounding beauty of the furniture and its space, making this whole scenario perfect for presenting the 2024 Collection.

The interior and exterior furniture pieces are highlighted by stylistic references that have marked the history of design. The values that most characterize the different sets in the film are memory, innovation and dynamism.

Renowned brand presents the film “LATITUDINI”

The film “Latitudini” turns out to be a soothing plot that highlights the space, exquisite materials and designs in both daylight and nightlight, unfolding in undefined places and moments.

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