J&J Teixeira celebrates its 43th anniversary

J&J Teixeira marks its 43rd anniversary, a celebration it shares with all its customers, partners, and employees.

Landmarks like these are always moments of celebration, but also of reflection. It is, at the same time, a moment of celebration of all the victories and obstacles overcome, but also of reflection on the direction for the future.

“Over these 43 years, the world has changed and we have changed with it, adjusting, surviving, fighting, and winning. The path followed, over these decades, has been challenging, but full of history and victories.

I am fully convinced that this path was only possible thanks to all the people who crossed our path and who, in one way or another, left their mark and, therefore, I could not fail to mark this day, without thanking everyone. our customers, partners, and employees who made the dream possible, not only the dream of our customers but also the construction of our dream, J&J Teixeira. ” says João Teixeira, Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

And as for J&J Teixeira, the sustainability of any organization is based on its people, we would like to reinforce our public and special thanks to the dedicated performance of all our employees who, even in a challenging moment like the one we are experiencing, struggle daily to provide an excellent service to all our customers.

J&J Teixeira continues to be driven by the same resilient and entrepreneurial spirit that characterized its genesis. As such, even in a particularly challenging year, at all levels, our commitment will always be to continue to make our customers’ dreams come true, with the same commitment and professionalism.

To celebrate this date, J&J Teixeira created a video and a commemorative publication alluding to these 43 years.

About J&J Teixeira

The History of J&J Teixeira began in June 1977, when João Teixeira, then 20 years old, founded it.

Starting from a small business made up of 6 people, J&J Teixeira has become the largest Portuguese company of Integrated Services Carpentry Industrial.

J&J Teixeira is present in more than 13 countries and has more than 300 employees working with the most advanced equipment and technological solutions.