Alessandro Luciani


Alessandro Luciani is one of the most eclectic Italian and international designers specialized in the world of Retail. He defines himself as “designer of human experiences” and in fact his extraordinary personal history and origins, which has influenced his design approach, play a fundamental role in the choices of his professional career. Inspired by a strong desire to go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, he brings to his projects an innovative, anthropocentric vision, oriented towards sensory engagement and the creation of new experiences, contributing to individual wellbeing, creating a strong emotional bond between the setting, the product, the client and the brand.

In Alessandro Luciani’s projects, we can identify the will and the ability to go beyond the essential, with more energy, more color, with all the creativity, the attention to every single detail, taste and elegance and the expertise of doing things well, bringing “a breath of fresh air” to the world of design that is perceived and implemented as a point of arrival that transforms “what was there before into something tangible”.