Boutique Foz – 2nd Anniversary

Event for the 2nd anniversary of Boutique Foz by Jota Barbosa Interiors

In celebration of the 2nd anniversary of Boutique Foz, Jota Barbosa Interiors invited its customers, partners and employees to celebrate with you the best of these last two years, in an exclusive sunset at Foz do Douro. A cozy and familiar atmosphere portrayed this whole event, which promised to deliver a completely renovated space full of novelties from the world of design, and so it did.

Boutique Foz represents a new chapter and a new era of the company, highlighting its growth and evolution over these 40 years of history. This event carried this feeling of accomplishment, having been marked by the sharing of all the work accomplished during the past years. The purpose of this event was to provide more information about the entire process of execution and delivery of an interior design project.

The relationship of trust that has been built by Jota Barbosa Interiors, with its customers and partners, has been exceeding all expectations, year after year. With a strategy based on a policy of transparency, rigor and exclusivity, the company subscribes to an excellence that accompanies the segment, presenting in this event in detail its working method, its prominent digital presence, the distinctive successful partnerships with artists, as well as its goals for the future.

On a late afternoon, with a sublime view and graced by a breathtaking sunset, the moments were made of memories of stories lived, of tight hugs, of genuine laughter and friendship that lasts through time. To the sound of good music and special company, the toasts were in memory of a splendid past, a challenging present, and a promising future.