Rui Maciel Arquitetura e Design de Interiores


“People are the ones who inspire me the most! I make projects so others can be happy and i´m fulfilled with that”

Rui Maciel almost finishing his showroom in Porto, has a degree in architecture, but from a very early years the passion for architecture and interior design came to the fore. With almost 15 years in the area, he has designed projects since 2016 under is own signature, such as the example of this family home in Barcelos. Thinking in a cosy and familiar environment, but without betraying the trait that characterizes it, found the perfect symbiosis among the most diverse noble materials in order to individualize the spaces. From noble woods to wool, from silks to natural stones, everything is translated into a charming environment, without, however, never losing its usefulness.

When you start a project, there is a whole panoply of aspects to take in consideration… from the space where it is implemented, optimizing the vast valences, but, above all, it is the people who inspire me the most! I make projects so that others are happy and, thus, I am realized.